Prestige Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes are based in Northamptonshire, employing over 450 people across the county and many more through their supply chain. The largest manufacturer of holiday lodges in the country, including both rental units and holiday homes for sale, their contribution to the tourism sector is significant, both locally and from a wider UK perspective.

With this in mind and English Tourism Week just around the corner, Prestige Homeseeker have invited local MPs and councillors to their showground in Rushden, Northamptonshire for Afternoon Tea on 1st April 2019, to showcase how, as a company, they are supporting the industry.

According to a new report by Frontline published in February 2019, the UK holiday park and campsite sector where most of Prestige Homeseeker’s leisure lodges are destined for makes a substantial contribution to the UK tourism economy, generating £9.3bn in visitor expenditure, supporting the equivalent of 171,448 full-time jobs.

The event will be an opportunity to further inform local councils how planning permission for new developments can benefit their local communities through expenditure, local community engagement, environmental activities, and health and wellbeing.

With Brexit uncertainty changing the way holidaymakers plan their breaks, the park and holiday home sector has recognised that both challenges and opportunities lie ahead. Founder director Silvano Geranio said; “The demand for luxury holiday accommodation in the UK is stronger than ever and we support that through our manufacturing process, contributing clearly to the local and national economy. It’s also an essential part of our work to support parks we supply in helping to bring new developments to fruition. That requires a collaborative multi-agency process, and in the current climate it’s important to keep the conversation going and find new ways of supporting that great potential for growth.”

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