Meet Sue, Gez and miniature schnauzer Gracie. Sue retired 2 years ago and Gez is due to retire this September and they are the first to move into the brand new multi million-pound retirement village including their dog Gracie. Sam Baylis, Marketing Manager from Prestige, takes a trip to Gateforth Park to congratulate them and find out why they chose park home living.

Gateforth Residential Park in North Yorkshire first residents in new Prestige Affinity

Photo taken at Gateforth Park outside the refreshed Affinity park home

How did you know the Park Lifestyle was for you?
We were in bricks and mortar 13 years ago then moved to Lincolnshire for work to manage a holiday lodge park, so, we knew we loved the park life and the community. People are so friendly I know it’s a cliché but they are like-minded people and here for the same reason.

When we were looking to downsize, we looked at bungalows and apartments and went to see four properties. We looked into this with great detail and the trouble with apartments is that you don’t know who you are going to get living above or below you. The bungalows we had seen needed a lot of work and upgrading, the high maintenance was enough to put us off.

What we like about living on a park is it’s like turning the time back, people are so friendly, it’s safe and just a great experience.

Why did you choose this Park?
So, we decided to look at different parks and not all of them were right for us, then we found Gateforth on the internet, we knew Gateforth residential park was in its infancy but we could tell from CGI’s on the website that the park had potential so we made an appointment. Unfortunately, on the day of appointment it was raining so we rearranged, which was a good thing because we went on the Prestige website and found the virtual tours so we spent the day looking at 14 residential park homes. We were drawn to two homes the Affinity and the Sonata but kept going back to the Affinity, we just love the colours and the flow of the home.

We also found comfort knowing that Gateforth has Prestige park homes which is a good thing as all the homes are of the same standard. After working and managing a holiday park we know what complications there can be with numerous manufacturers.  Having one manufacturer, which we know have a high standard of customer service, we saw this as an advantage giving us confidence in our move.

This residential park has everything – gated entrance, lights, lamp posts, security cameras, tarmac roads the setting is more like a village, our home is just like a bungalow without the high maintenance. The windows and doors feel really solid just like as you get with bricks & mortar and the park is really quiet.

They are also offering 20% discount on pitch fees whilst building works takes place for the next phase.  We wouldn’t actually know the build was going on as it’s all fenced off. We’re looking forward to when the next phase is complete as there will be two fishing lakes and Gez can enjoy one of his favourite pastimes on his doorstep.

What made you choose the Affinity?
We just loved the colours and the flow of the home with a separate kitchen. This home ticked all our boxes. The only change we have made is added a feature wallpaper to the fireplace. We used to think park homes were for oldies but they are definitely not, this park is for the over 50’s and our home is really modern we love it.

Gateforth Residential Park in North Yorkshire first residents in new Prestige Affinity

Photo taken at Gateforth Park inside the refreshed Affinity park home and a high five from Gracie.

Do you have friends in Park Homes?
No, we don’t, well not yet anyway, our friends are going to come up and stay to get a feel for the place and park lifestyle as they are looking to move and downsize.

Do you wish you had done it sooner?
Think you know when the time is right, if we had done this sooner we would not have found this park and you can tell it’s going to be 5-star park and maintained well. We’re looking forward to meeting new residents of the Park.


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