Customer Care

If you have an issue to report please raise this direct to the park in the first instance. Should you need specific help or the park are happy for you to raise directly with the manufacturer then please submit the below form.

Starting from the date of despatch your home has the first 2 years manufacturers warranty which is provided by us.  As well a 2 year manufacturing warranty we offer a 10 year Platinum Seal which covers a wide range of faults relating to the structure of the property.

For more information about the warranty click here >>
Click here for policy document >>

Here at Prestige and Homeseeker we take the satisfaction and concerns of our customers very seriously, so if an issue should ever arise we endeavor to provide you with the very highest in the quality of service, no matter your location or the nature of the issues our customers report to us.

Please give us as much information as possible so we can help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Please use the form below for Aftersales


Should you require any assistance regarding customer service then please contact the customer service advisors details.

Name Job title Email address Telephone number
3 X Customer service advisors customerservices@phplh.com 01933 354000
Niki Pearce Customer Service supervisor niki.pearce@phplh.com 01933 354004
Kyle Hawkes Customer service manager kyle.hawkes@phplh.com 01933 354017   
Steve Arnett Production Director stephen.arnett@phplh.com  01933 423454

If any issue needs escalation please contact Niki Pearce in the first instance, if you would like to escalate further then please contact Kyle Hawkes, and for further escalation please contact Steve Arnett

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