Quirky, creative and absolutely fabulous!

Quirky, creative and absolutely fabulous!

Barry Payne has crafted this 1:30 scale model of our Prestige Sonata II and we are blown away at the detail involved.

Number of Matches: 2500
Time Taken: 130 hours
Total Cost: £35

“This was an ideal hobby in view of the weather we have had.” – Barry

match stick sonata 2 sonata II

The process…

Drew elevation plans.
Took all external measurements.
Scaled down to 1/30th.
Cut wall and roof shapes from photographic mounting card also cutting holes for doors and windows.
Using 6mm mdf for a base, built up skirt walls.
Covered the 4 main walls with matches then glued them together.
Fitted roof boards and gable and then covered with matches.
Made all doors and windows with matches then fitted to holes in walls.
Made and fitted roof cappings, fascias, gutters and downpipes, steps and handrails.
Painted finished home.

And there’s another… 

Barry’s wife has made a gypsy caravan from a match stick kit which is equally as beautiful.

caravan match stick (002)


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