50 – 50 – 50 Charity Cycle Ride with the Mintridge Foundation

The day finally arrived and after months of planning, organising and training, a selection of crazy cyclists embarked on a 50 mile cycle ride throughout Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire for the Mintridge Foundation. With a warm up from Olympian Marilyn Okoro, the first group of cyclists were off.

Sunday 5th May was a success in many ways, including support from two Mintridge ambassadors; Marilyn Okoro and Danielle Brown MBE. Whilst the Prestige-Peddlers were off on their 50-mile challenge, the ladies led a programme with local children after an inspirational talk.


When the cyclists crossed the finish line, they were met with smiling faces and cheers from family, friends and the ambassadors. It helped that an ice cold beer and a freshly made pizza was waiting for them too!


£27,000 has been raised and with funds set to rise, we cannot thank everyone who was involved enough for their hard work, donations and dedication to the event. Here’s to the next challenge! 

You can watch the highlight video here.


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